Workshop and Symposium

Course Overview:

The focus of this course is on personalized medicine and the new role of genomics and bioinformatics for the treatment and diagnosis of patients. Over the past few years, the new developments on genomics and bioinformatics have enabled us to analyze the sequence of more than one gene, if not the complete genome of a person. Genetic differences among people make them prone to suffering different pathologies, or make them more or less tolerant to certain medicines. This information gives us the possibility of applying personalized medicine, which involves the use of custom-made therapies, taking into account each individual’s genetics. In this course, you will learn about the new developments in Next Generation Sequencing techniques and data analysis for clinical applications. The aim of this course is to provide the professionals in medicine, biochemistry and biological sciences with basic training on the analysis of data on Next Generation techniques, such as Exome-seq and RNA-seq.

This is a 6-day course that covers both theory and practice. The first four days, from Monday to Thursday, theory lessons will take place the morning, and practical lessons in the afternoon. The last two days, there will be a symposium in which experts from Argentina and other countries will lecture on personalized medicine.